County Antrim Table Tennis League


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Standard Table Tennis Equipment

The following is a summary of the standard equipment for playing Table Tennis, which is used in the Co. Antrim Table Tennis League.

A table tennis table is a 9' by 5', hard, rectangular table with the surface 30" (76cm) off the ground and painted dark green or blue. A 6" high net divides the table in half length ways, extending a couple of centimetres at either side.
A table tennis ball is 40mm in diameter (since 2001). It weighs 2.7g, is hollow and is made of cellulose.
Table tennis bats are made of wood and covered each side in rubber. One side must be black and the other red. They are usually 15cm across although the rules do not specify a size. According to international table tennis rules, a player may inspect their opponent's bat before the match.

If you're interested in forming a table tennis club and need to know where to get your equipment, get in touch and we might be able to help.