County Antrim Table Tennis League


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Antrim Table Tennis Rules

The following is a summary of the rules for the Co. Antrim Table Tennis League. The League constitution is available containing the full set of rules.

A Co. Antrim Table Tennis League team may be made up of either 3 or 4 players. They must be registered with the League to play for that club.
Teams register with the League at the beginning of each season (usually in the Autumn). Once the teams are registered, the League will convene its AGM and allocate teams to divisions based on their perceived ability.
Rules regarding which clubs play each other and how often is decided by the League Committee at the start of the season based on the number and calibre of participating sides.
A team is awarded 2 points for each match they win, and 1 point for each match they participate in that ends in a draw. No points are awarded for a defeat.
A Co. Antrim Table Tennis League match is played between two teams who play 10 games against each other. At the end of the match, the winning side is the side with the higher number of games won. In the event of the sides winning 5 games each, the match is a draw.
The winner of a game is the first participant to win 3 sets.
A set is played according to international rules, ie the winner is the player who reaches 11 points first and players alternate serve every 2 points.
The structure of a match depends how many players there are on each team. In a typical 3 vs 3 match each player on a team plays against each player on the opposite team. For the final game, each team selects 2 players to participate in a game of doubles. In a 4 vs 4 match however, each player on a team plays only 2 players from the opposite team and then 2 games of doubles are played. A player can only participate in one game of doubles per match. For 3 vs 4 or 4 vs 3 matches, see the matchsheets for instructions.

The League also follows standard international table tennis rules