County Antrim Table Tennis League


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CATTL Division 1 Report: Knockagh B vs Osmond A

Wednesday 16th November 2016

Knockagh BOsmond A
Colin Clements Capt12234Francis Shirley10111111
Desy McCullough11876Paul McGuiggan Capt8111111
Mike Maguire344Richard Webb111111
Keith Mooney1191111David Barnes71126
Colin Clements Capt81111911Paul McGuiggan Capt1188114
Desy McCullough642Francis Shirley111111
Mike Maguire1161111David Barnes81157
Keith Mooney88113Richard Webb1111311
Knockagh B DOUBLES768Osmond A DOUBLES111111
Knockagh B DOUBLES13811115Osmond A DOUBLES15116611