County Antrim Table Tennis League


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CATTL Division 1 Report: Osmond A vs Wellington A

Tuesday 17th January 2017

Osmond AWellington A
Paul McGuiggan Capt1010158Piotr Jakimowicz12121311
Richard Webb1010131111Michael Witherspoon Capt12121122
Cecil Nicholl378David Witherspoon111111
David Barnes1178119Michael Witherspoon Capt81111811
Paul McGuiggan Capt121114David Witherspoon10812
Richard Webb876Piotr Jakimowicz111111
David Barnes1115106David Witherspoon7171211
Cecil Nicholl123Piotr Jakimowicz111111
Paul McGuiggan Capt10111111Michael Witherspoon Capt12397
Osmond A DOUBLES11910117Wellington A DOUBLES71112611