County Antrim Table Tennis League


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CATTL Division 1 Report: Wellington B vs Knockagh B

Wednesday 25th January 2017

Wellington BKnockagh B
Chris McQuillan111111Colin Clements Capt773
Peter McCrum111111Mike Maguire446
Arvin Caballero131111Keith Mooney1189
Jim Kelso Capt8911119Mike Maguire11115811
Chris McQuillan111111Keith Mooney355
Peter McCrum1111211Colin Clements Capt45116
Jim Kelso Capt1117811Keith Mooney915117
Arvin Caballero121111Colin Clements Capt1083
Chris McQuillan1191111Mike Maguire31115
Wellington B DOUBLES111112Knockagh B DOUBLES3510