County Antrim Table Tennis League


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CATTL Division 1 Report: Coleraine A vs Knockagh A

Thursday 2nd February 2017

Coleraine AKnockagh A
Anselm Brankin Capt435Gary Ferson111111
Gabriel Guanrino117137Ian Davies9111511
Jarda Novak1171211Harry Ferson Capt711103
Anselm Brankin Capt857Ian Davies111111
Gabriel Guanrino946Harry Ferson Capt111111
Jarda Novak366Gary Ferson111111
Anselm Brankin Capt11106Harry Ferson Capt131211
Gabriel Guanrino679Ian Davies111111
Jarda Novak835Ian Davies111111
Coleraine A DOUBLES746Knockagh A DOUBLES111111