County Antrim Table Tennis League


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CATTL Division 2 Report: Osmond B vs Wellington C

Tuesday 13th December 2016

Osmond BWellington C
Colm Darragh Capt111111Arvin Caballero645
Adam Faulkner111111Jim Kelso Capt979
Ian Black111111Kamil Jaworski165
Brendan McLernon1111511Jim Kelso Capt97118
Colm Darragh Capt111111Kamil Jaworski968
Adam Faulkner7111411Arvin Caballero113127
Brendan McLernon127111112Kamil Jaworski101113410
Ian Black74111111Arvin Caballero1111728
Colm Darragh Capt111111Jim Kelso Capt999
Osmond B DOUBLES111111Wellington C DOUBLES999