County Antrim Table Tennis League


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About the Co. Antrim League

The Co. Antrim Table Tennis League has been around, in some form or another, for over 25 years. Previously the East Antrim Table Tennis League, which superceded the Ballyclare and District Table Tennis League. The League's aim is to provide an arena for table tennis players to take part in a competitive but friendly atmosphere and encourage the growth of the sport in County Antrim, on the east coast of Northern Ireland. In emphasis of this spirit of friendship and camaraderie, the Co. Antrim League Table Tennis League is a team competition where teams of 3 or 4 players compete, although there are individual tournaments held approximately half way through each season.

The table tennis clubs in the Co. Antrim League come from as far south as Lisburn, all the way up to Bushmills. A number of the league's players are among the top players in Ulster, with many having represented Ulster at some level.

Getting Involved

If you want to get involved in table tennis you can either join one of the table tennis clubs in the league or you can start your own.

If you wish to join a club, there's a list of clubs on the League website Online with the secretaries name listed. For some clubs, you will be able to contact them from this site. For clubs that aren't contactable by email you can contact CATTL Online and we'll put you in touch.

If you wish to register a club to compete, you'll need premises, equipment (table tennis bats, balls, at least one table etc) and you'll need to register with the league. Please bare in mind that our season starts in the Autumn time and any new teams should register interest in late summer if possible to allow time to organise the details.