County Antrim Table Tennis League


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Co. Antrim Table Tennis: CATTL Division 2

CATTL Division 2 Table
1.Osmond B1010000871330
3.Osmond C127050457526
4.Wellington C104051465417
5.Coleraine B112080159514
6.Larne B1310842210811
CATTL Division 2 Fixtures and Results

Co. Antrim Table Tennis League:

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DateHome TeamScoreAway Team
24/10/16Larne B8 - 2Coleraine B
24/10/16Larne BColeraine B
25/10/16Osmond B6 - 4Ballyclare
25/10/16Osmond BBallyclare
26/10/16Wellington COsmond C
26/10/16Wellington C8 - 2Osmond C
07/11/16Larne B3 - 7Wellington C
07/11/16Larne BWellington C
08/11/16Osmond C0 - 10Osmond B
08/11/16Osmond COsmond B
10/11/16Coleraine B0 - 10Ballyclare
10/11/16Coleraine BVoidBallyclare
14/11/16Larne B2 - 8Osmond C
15/11/16Osmond C10 - 0Larne B
15/11/16Osmond B10 - 0Coleraine B
15/11/16Osmond CHome WinLarne B
15/11/16Osmond BColeraine B
18/11/16BallyclareHome WinWellington C
18/11/16Ballyclare6 - 4Wellington C
21/11/16Larne B2 - 8Osmond B
22/11/16Osmond C2 - 8Ballyclare
23/11/16Wellington C4 - 6Coleraine B
12/12/16Larne B1 - 9Ballyclare
13/12/16Osmond B10 - 0Wellington C
15/12/16Coleraine B1 - 9Osmond C
10/01/17Osmond C9 - 1Coleraine B
11/01/17Wellington C4 - 6Osmond B
13/01/17Ballyclare6 - 4Larne B
17/01/17Osmond B10 - 0Larne B
19/01/17Coleraine B1 - 9Wellington C
20/01/17Ballyclare6 - 4Osmond C
30/01/17Larne BAway WinOsmond C
31/01/17Osmond CHome WinLarne B
01/02/17Wellington C2 - 8Ballyclare
02/02/17Coleraine B0 - 10Osmond B
07/02/17Osmond B9 - 1Osmond C
08/02/17Wellington C8 - 2Larne B
10/02/17Ballyclare6 - 4Coleraine B
28/02/17Osmond CWellington C
02/03/17Coleraine BHome WinLarne B
03/03/17Ballyclare2 - 8Osmond B